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In the event of a plumbing emergency, the following helpful hints and tips may help you if a professional plumber is not available to serve you immediately. We are available for emergencies through or toll free number: 800-378-DRIP (3747).

Leaky Pipes and Drippy Faucets

  • For water leaks beneath your home, turn off the main water valve to the house. This valve is usually outside. Close the main hose faucet on the house.
  • For fixtures that leak, simply turn the water off to that faucet.
  • For clogged fixtures, check other fixtures in the house to determine if the problem is isolated or if it’s just that particular fixture that has problems.
  • Informing the plumber of these things when they arrive will speed up the repair process.

Water Conservation

With municipal water rates rising steadily by the year, proper home water management is essential to save you money and water. Taking a few simple measures can help reduce consumption and your monthly bill:

  • Repair dripping or leaky faucets and fixtures ASAP!
  • Air dry dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Replace old shower heads with low-flow devices.
  • Replace toilet flappers every three years.
  • Don’t remove aerators from taps.

Water Heater Failure

There are many reasons that water heaters fail. The most common are: 1) bad heating elements or 2) corrosion that causes leaking. If your water heater fails, take the following measures first, then call us:

  • Turn off power and disconnect gas to the unit. For electric units, use the fuse box; for gas units use the on/off valve.
  • Close the water valve, which is usually located at the top of the tank.
  • At the bottom of the tank, connect a hose to the drain valve and turn it on. Then turn on a hot water faucet inside the house and allow the tank to drain.

Avoid Scalding

Thousands of children and seniors are severely burned each year from water heaters, which are typically set between 130 and 140 degrees. With these temperatures, third-degree burns take only a second to occur. To avoid scalding, follow these measures:

  • Set your water heater at 120 degrees.
  • Check the temperature of bath water prior to bathing children and seniors to avoid scalding.
  • Never leave babies or children unattended in the bath tub.
  • Install an anti-scalding device in the tub or shower to monitor temperatures.

Need A Plumber

The County Consumer Plumbing Service & Repair Group is here to provide you with hassle-free plumbing services backed by more than 75 years of experience. We offer:

  • Around the clock, 24/7 hotline connection services
  • Emergency services
  • Senior discounts

Trust your plumbing to a well-trained, experienced union contractor.