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Faucet Repair

Have you gotten used to the steady dripping sound of your faucet? Does your faucet regularly require a colossal amount of strength to turn it off completely? When it’s obvious that a faucet replacement or faucet repair is becoming a necessity, if you want the job completing fast and professionally, we can help. We are plumbing specialists that regularly undertake shower faucet repair and kitchen faucet repair, replacing worn components to get your faucet working properly again.

Precision Faucet Installation Available

In some cases, a leaky faucet repair will provide only a temporary solution and replacement is the only viable way forward. In these circumstances, we will be happy to provide product recommendations as well as fit and maintain your new faucet. Whether you’re planning a complete plumbing overhaul, or just want one or two faucets modernized, the team will be able to get the job done flawlessly.

Why Not Transform Your Bathroom With Faucet Replacement?

One of the most exciting features about bathroom faucets is the wide selection of designs which are available, along with the options for different settings and functions. We can provide your bathtub faucet repair, as well as install fresh, engaging faucets which can give your tired old tub a whole new lease on life. All our plumbers are fully trained and certified, so you can expect to enjoy exceptional results when you use us for your bathroom faucet project.

Locally Based Company for Faucet Repair Serving Redwood City and Burlingame, CA

All the plumbers we send out to you are locally based, in and around the Redwood City and Burlingame areas. If you need water faucet repair of any type, we can provide it. This includes emergency call outs as well as scheduled jobs. To find out more about what we can offer or to schedule a technician, you can call us at (650) 342-DRIP (3747).

Trust your plumbing to a well-trained, experienced union contractor.